What size blanket or quilt should I get?

We often recommend the baby sized blankets, and the toddler sized quilts. The toddler quilt is large enough to be used as the toddler bedspread once the transition is made from crib to toddler bed. The quilt will cover the top and long sides of the mattress on any toddler bed that uses a crib sized mattress.  You will likely get the most use out of your quilt purchasing this size.

The baby sized blanket is travel friendly, and is a great size for babies and toddlers to drag around with them!  

Do you make larger sized bedding?
At this time, we only make bedding for babies and toddlers.

Should I use minky or cotton on the back of my quilt?
The cotton backed quilts make a nice lightweight cover for warmer climates, or for those who prefer all-natural bedding.  Since they're cotton, they continue to soften with every wash, and there are no special care instructions.

Minky is a polyester material, it's a bit warmer and heavier than cotton.  We recommend minky if you live in a cooler climate, or if you keep the home cool with air conditioning.  Minky takes a little bit of extra care.  If the minky is allowed to get too hot in the dryer, the fibers can melt and it can lose some of its softness.  If our washing instructions are followed carefully, your minky will stay soft and smooth for a very long time.

Are digitally printed fabrics safe for baby and the environment?
Yes! From our supplier's website: Digital printing offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional rotary screen printing, with chief advantages in water and power consumption as well as the elimination of harmful chemicals. Instead of requiring hundreds of gallons of water to yield a single yard of screen-printed fabric, our digital printing process is virtually water free. That advantage is two-fold; not only does digital printing avoid consumption of a limited resource, it also eliminates the need to dispose of toxic wastewater. According to the World Bank, the treatment and dyeing of textiles accounts for nearly 20% of industrial water pollution globally, second only to agriculture. Furthermore, you'll be happy to know that we lessen our environmental footprint even more by printing with non-toxic, water-based pigment inks that are biodegradable. Finally, the power consumption of digital printers is also a fraction of their screen printer counterparts, making this process an exciting step in moving towards sustainable practices in the textile industry.

Do you offer organic fabrics?
Yes!  All of the fabrics we offer to use in your baby and toddler bedding can also be printed onto organic cotton for a small charge.  Send us a message to upgrade your order to organic cotton.