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  • Triangulation in Succulent

    Triangulation in Succulent

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    Fabric Swatches

    Fabric swatches are available for color matching purposes. Computer monitors can display colors differently. If you are looking to match colors to your nursery we suggest purchasing swatches. We have lots of ready to ship swatches in stock, however some fabrics will need to be ordered and may take up to 7 days for your swatch to ship. Feel free to contact us first to see if your swatches are in stock.

    Digitally printed fabrics may have subtle shade variations when printed at different times. This does not happen often, but we always make sure that all of the material for your order is printed at the same time so that there are no variations.

    Important Details


    • 100% cotton
    • 28 x 52 inches
    • fully enclosed elastic goes all the way around for a snug fit
    • deep pockets

    Mini Crib Bedding is available here.

    Standard Changing Pad Cover

    • 100% cotton
    • 16"w x 32"l x 4"
    • message us for a custom fit

    Contoured Changing Pad Cover

    • 100% cotton
    • 16 x 32 x 4
    • This cover will only fit contoured pads that are raised on the long sides only.

    Nursing Pillow Cover

    • fits most standard nursing pillows that are approximately 22x18x6 inches.
    • Has a long zipper for easy removal and washing.
    • 100% cotton. (Leave a note if you would like a minky on the back. Minky is 100% polyester.)

    Toddler Pillow Cover

    • 100% cotton.
    • Fits a 13 x 18 inch toddler pillow
    • Has an envelope opening in the back for a secure fit.

    Standard Pillowcase

    • 100% cotton.
    • Fits standard sized pillows.
    • Optional: choose a second fabric for the cuff (end) piece. Leave a note at checkout with your selection.

    Throw Pillow Covers

    • 100% cotton
    • Includes a zipper for easy washing and removal.
    • pillow not included.
    • The 18" cover will fit an 18" pillow, and the 20" cover will fit a 20" pillow.
    • Message us for a custom size.

    Lovies & Blankets

    • Made with an organic cotton jersey knit on the front (94% organic cotton) and minky on the back. (100% polyester)
    • *Loveys are small blankets that are only 17" square. They are perfect for little ones to hold and carry.
    • Leave a note with your minky selection for the back or add it to your cart using the free menu option.

    Patchwork Quilts

    • 100% cotton top can include 6-8 fabrics of your choice. Add them to your cart using the "Add to Custom Quilt Design" option.
    • In the middle is an 80/20 cotton/polyester filling.
    • Choose any cotton print for the back or one of the super soft minky fabrics. (100% polyester.)
    • You can check out with your selections and we'll send you a free digital mock up of your quilt design.

    Crib Rail Covers

    • Rail covers are approximately 51" long and 16" wide. They should fit most standard sized cribs.
    • Side covers are approximately 16 x 27 inches.
    • 100% Cotton Shell. 100% polyester filling.
    • Leave a note with your trim & ties selection, or add it to your cart using the free menu option.

    Crib Skirts

    • 100% cotton. (Lining is a 60/40 cotton/poly blend).
    • All styles have a 15" drop length and three sides.
    • FLAT skirts are lined and have a straight drop.
    • PLEATED skirts are lined and have a pleat in the center of each side.
    • RUFFLED skirts have a gentle gather, unlined.
    • LAYERED skirts have three ruffled layers. You can choose a different fabric for each layer, or use just one for all three layers. Add the skirt to your cart using the top layer selection. If you would like a different selection for the middle or bottom layer you can add them to your cart separately.
    • You can add a trim to the bottom of your flat, pleated, or ruffled skirt here.

    Window Valances

    • 100% cotton.
    • 16" long x 54" wide
    • Rod pocket on top with a small header above the rod.

    Curtain Panels

    • Single panels are 54" wide and 84" long. 100% cotton front.
    • Available with blackout lining for noise reduction and room darkening. A lightweight lining can be substituted for the blackout lining.
    • Unlined curtain panels are only suggested if you have another window covering behind them to protect them from sun damage.
    • Made with a rod pocket on the top. Please leave a note if you would like a small header above the rod.
    • Curtain tabs can be added here.

    Care Instructions

    We pre-shrink all our materials to make our items easy to wash! They can be machine washed on a gentle cycle using phosphate free detergents.*

    DO NOT use fabric softeners with any items that contain minky, or any detergents containing fabric softeners.

    Tumble dry your items on a LOW heat setting. We recommend removing minky items from the drier just before they are completely dry (minky dries fast!) Or, you can dry your minky items on a NO-Heat setting.

    DO NOT iron minky.

    *BLACKOUT CURTAIN PANELS should be dry cleaned only.

    **Iron cotton side of curtain panels only on a warm setting.

    Customize your crib bedding, toddler bedding, and nursery with the Triangulation��in Succulent��fabric.

    Crib Sheets -��Our crib sheets are made with a soft, 100% cotton fabric that's lightweight and breathable to keep baby comfortable. ��We enclose the elastic all the way around and use French seams for a professional finish.

    Changing Pad Covers��- We offer two styles of changing pad covers. ��The contoured changing pad cover will only fit pads that are contoured on both ends. ��The standard changing pad cover will fit a variety of styles, including the contoured cover. ��Both covers are made to fit pads up to 32x16x4 inches. ��If your pad if an inch or two off, please choose the standard style, and leave us a note with your dimensions.

    Nursing Pillow Covers - made to fit popular nursing pillows brands, our covers have a generously sized zipper for easy removal and washing. ��You can choose a minky for the back of your nursing pillow cover for no extra charge by adding it to your cart using the "Nursing Pillow Reverse" fabric menu option.

    Throw Pillow Covers - We offer our pillow covers in 18" and 20" sizes. ��They have a zipper for easy washing. ��Pillow insert not included.

    Toddler Pillow Covers - Our toddler pillow covers fit pillows that are 13 x 18 inches. They have an envelope opening in the back for a secure fit.

    Standard Pillowcase - Made to fit a standard sized pillow, it can be made with just one fabric, or you can choose a second fabric for the cuff piece. ��(The small trim between the cuff and main piece can be made using any other fabric from your order, or something we have on hand. ��Leave a note at checkout with your request.)

    Lovies - Made with a soft, organic knit on the front, and a plush minky on the back, babies love our lovies! ��They are 17" square, making them the perfect size for babies and toddlers to carry along with them for cuddles wherever they go! ��You can choose a minky for the back of your blanket from the collection page, or view all of the minky fabrics here.

    Blankets - Our blankets are made with soft, organic knit on the front and your choice of minky��for the back. ��View the fabric collection page for suggested minky coordinates.

    Quilts - Quilts differ from blankets in that they have a lightweight batting in the middle. ��The layers are then secured together through the quilting process creating a beautiful, high-quality piece that will last for years to come.

    Custom Patchwork Quilts - We love helping our customers create their own custom designed baby or toddler quilts. ��We will help you along the way, making suggestions and offering multiple opportunities for you to make changes to your design until you are 100% in love. ��To get started, choose some fabrics (we recommend 6-8) and add them to your cart using the "Quilt Squares" menu option. ��If you can only find a few and need help with the rest, no worries! ��Just leave us a note with the colors / styles you're looking for and we will offer some additional fabric suggestions or quilt designs based on your selections. ��

    Crib Rail Covers - Rail covers help prevent little ones from chewing on the rails of the crib. ��We offer a straight rail cover with trim, and a scalloped rail cover with ruffles. ��You can find suggested coordinates or solid cottons on the collection page for your ruffles and ties or choose a fabric from another collection. ��We also have a large selection of solid-colored fabrics to choose from.

    Crib Skirts��- All of our crib skirts have 3 sides (two long and one short) and are 15" in length.��

    Flat Skirt - This skirt has a straight drop for a clean, modern look. This is a great style for larger designs.

    Pleated Skirt - Has a pleat in the center of each side, works well with large and small designs, as well as solids.

    Ruffled Skirt - Gentle gathers for a clean, soft look. ��Works great with small designs and solids.

    Layered Skirt - This skirt has three separate ruffled layers that work best with small designs or solid colors. ��You can choose one fabric for all three layers or choose a different fabric for each layer.

    Window Valances - Our window valances are 54" wide and 16" in length. ��They have a rod pocket on the top and a small header above the rod.

    Curtain Panels��- Curtains can be purchased individually in 54" widths, or as a pair in 27" widths. ��They are available unlined, or with a blackout lining for room darkening and noise reduction. ��They have a rod pocket at the top. ��If you would like a small header above the curtain rod, please leave us a note at checkout.

    ** For a loosely gathered look, you will want to multiply your window width by 1.5 - 2x to come up with how much curtain width you will need.��

    Crib Bumpers - Our NuFoam inserts keep your crib bumper looking like new and will not sag. ��Bumpers have 6 panels with 4 fabric ties each and a decorative trim. You can find coordinating fabric for your trim & ties from the fabric collection page or choose any of our 100% cotton solids. ��

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